Executive Coaching

"I would like an insightful sounding board."

There are times in your leadership that you would like to have someone listen to your ideas, challenges and decisions and ask you insightful questions.

  • You have your own answers, you would just like to bounce them off an unbiased person.
  • You are grappling with a challenge and you need to explore options.
  • You often trust your instincts but you would like another set of eyes.

You were hired to fill a specific role, or you own your own business and you are at the helm, accountable for sound leadership and solid decision-making. It can be a lonely role, especially if your core team is not in place.

This coaching experience is designed to provide support and ask you clear questions to help you find your own answers. In addition, insights will be provided for you to ponder.

Tamra has been supporting CEO's and Business Owners for nearly four decades.

"Tamra is so much more than a traditional business or life coach. The combination of her extraordinary gifts as a seer and energy reader allows her to tap into the core of what drives me and helps to release the blocks that drain my vitality and hamper my personal growth. I know that I have been a tough case for Tamra in that I’m a strong and controlling type of entrepreneur who isn’t easily led by an outsider who doesn’t understand my business.  Once I let down my guard and tempered my ego, I began to trust that she didn’t need to know my business in order to help me achieve my objectives.  That is when positive change began to happen." -D.Buchta, Business Owner, Real Estate Development

The Executive Coaching Experience includes:

  • Six months of coaching
  • Initial vision/clarity session
  • Two monthly coaching sessions
  • In-time support, email or Voxer message exchange in-between sessions

Let's connect to discuss your goals:

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