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In these times, living your purpose and leading with transparency and simplicity is paramount to your health, happiness and success.

Come into my world and allow me to help you with clarity, alignment, purpose, leadership and personal growth.

How I Can Serve You:

With over 20 years of coaching and organizational experience under my belt, I can help you get clear, grounded, rebalanced and moving forward again. Whether we work individually, or with your company, progress is the goal.

Life & Work Reset

Your life and work have changed and you need clarity to define your new WHY, WHAT and WHERE to spend your life force that makes sense to the world as it is now. When you are misaligned things are difficult. When you are aligned things flow. It's your time to live in your truth and be all you can be.

Executive Coaching

Your leadership and clarity set the tone for what is to come. Now is the time to re-evaluate where you are and what you want to focus on for your future. Being an effective leader begins with understanding the Self. Being an influential leader depends on understanding the impact the Self has on the whole.

Organization Redesign

When your organization strays from your vision, values and future goals, a reset may be in order. It's worth a deep look at the core of your values, leadership and your organization's design. Your organization is built on people who carry out the goals. How you inspire and lead performance depends on shared leadership.

"I have worked with Tamra on two occasions where major shifts were happening in my life. One where I was walking away from an ownership opportunity and another where I was walking into a C-Level role. Each time Tamra effectively coached me on leading with intention and moving out of my ego and instead focus on impact and value that I can drive at every step of the way. Not an easy task but Tamra does it effortlessly with her years of experience. She is direct and sets the stage at the beginning of the relationship on expectations to make our time together successful. At the end of each session I was left with the tools to be the higher version of myself and the leader that I know I am. I can't encourage you enough to work with Tamra. She has changed my life direction twice now. She is the real deal and just an overall amazing, inspirational, no non-sense person."

Nathan Oliver

There's nothing better than a face-to-face connection.

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