"I believe people have limitless potential. In everything I do, I entertain, educate and provide experiences for willing souls to step into their full power."

Healing Options

"I want to breakthrough blocks and heal my life."

You are seen, heard and loved for who you are. Spend 1-hour with Tamra and share what you would like to heal. During this session, you will receive healing transmissions, insights and tips for moving forward.

1:1 on the Phone
Introductory Special!

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"I want to heal my mind and body and let go of the past."

This healing is a deeper 3-Part process that includes a Pre-Call the day BEFORE, a 1-hour Distance Healing, and a Follow-Up Call the day AFTER. All three parts are key to your healing process.

1:1 on the Phone
Body-Mind Healing

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1:1 Mentoring & Coaching Options

"I would like to advance spiritually and open my heart."

Spend 6-months traveling with Tamra on an organic spirituality and consciousness building adventure. Learn to listen and follow inner guidance.

1:1 on the Phone
12 - 60-minute sessions

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"I need clarity, support, insights and accountability."

This 3-month coaching experience is designed to help you get clear, get support and get moving in your plan with loving accountability.

1:1 on the Phone
6 - 1-hour Sessions

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"You are brilliant and you have limitless creative potential. I see your spirit and your vision. I'm here to support you in building your business dream."

Holistic Business Coaching Options

"I'm ready to dig in to my business."

This 6-month action plan begins with clear vision and strategy for your business. We create action steps and accountability and progress.

1:1 Private

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"I'd like a sounding board to bounce ideas off."

This 6-month action plan begins with your vision, your WHY and your most urgent needs. Once we get grounded in your needs, we go straight to work.

1:1 Private

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"I needed someone outside of my immediate leadership team to talk with.
Tamra was always there with the perfect questions and the candid mirror."

Roger Nyhus
President & CEO, Nyhus, Seattle

"Tamra's accessibility and dedicated focus on my vision and goals provided real-time
support in making transitions effectively and with greater ease than had I done it alone."

Deborah Garraway Buchta
President & CEO, RMA Consults

"Tamra has helped me with my teams, my vision, my space and my leadership skills.
I am a better person in my personal life and in my business because of her. "

Scott Cameron
Senior Partner, Cameron Land Group, Seattle

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