Talk Healing

"I really need a healing, I'm ready to break through this issue."

When you're ready to break through a pattern or old belief and heal.

  • You know you're ready to release an old way of thinking and feeling.
  • You feel like a healing would help you move forward.
  • You're ready to let go and you want support.

There are times in life when you know you have to create change and you just don't know where to begin. You believe in the ability to heal and you're confident it can work for you. 

"Talk Healing" is an energetic healing process where you simply share your story and issues and while you're talking Tamra facilitates a healing experience and often creates realizations and break-throughs.

This healing experience can happen in an instant when the mind/body realizes the underlying truths of a healing issue and comes into acceptance and awareness. 

You walk away with a sense of relief and a plan for next steps.

  • By phone
  • 1-hour
  • $125
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