Life Coaching

"I'm ready to make some changes in my life."

When you are ready to make changes in your life and you need someone to help you get really clear and in motion.

  • You have options for your future and are not sure in which direction to go.
  • You feel stuck and need inspiration and encouragement.
  • You're working on a new life plan and you want support, action steps and results.

If you're seeking true change, the 3-month coaching package is your best option. In general, people can make significant progress in 3-months. You can break through blocks, leap through challenges and go into inspired action to create results.

I love this package because we can co-create true change to make your life more enjoyable now.

  • One 2-hour visioning session
  • Five 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Schedule every other week
  • By phone or Zoom
  • Inquire about my specials
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