Distance Healing

"I need a healing, my body has issues and I trust that I can heal."

When your body has aches and pains and you know that if you heal the emotions underlying the pain, you can heal.

  • You know you're ready to release some emotional issues, but you don't know where to start.
  • You feel like a healing would help you not only feel better, but address the underlying causes.
  • You're ready to heal your life and free yourself from what ails you.

Enough is enough. Your body is telling you to heal some things. You believe in the ability to heal and you're confident it can work for you. 

"Distance Healing" is an energetic remote healing process that takes place in 3-parts:

1) Pre-Healing Call
2) Lay Flat for 1-hour in the comfort of your home 
3) Post-Healing Call 

Each of these three steps are important to the overall healing.

When you lay down flat in your own home, free of other people and animals, Tamra facilitates a healing experience. During the healing she takes notes about the nature of the healing to share with you on the Post-Healing Call.

Both emotions and body issues are addressed during the healing. Whatever is most important for you to heal will be presented during this healing.

You receive a profound healing and it is up to you to receive it and integrate it into your life.

3-Part Healing:

  • By phone
  • 15-minute Pre-Healing Call the day BEFORE
  • 1-hour Lay Flat in your own home (Do not call me)
  • 30-minute Post-Healing Call the day AFTER
  • $155
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