My life's work is all about
guiding people to connect
with their deep inner
purpose so they can
perform and shine.




Integrity . curiosity . out-of-the-box thinking . growth insightfulness . open-mindedness . creativity inspiration . spirit . impact. change


Genuine, nimble, creative, inventive, inspirational, change agent, clear seer, candid, supportive, encouraging



I believe that people have limitless potential. In everything I do, I educate, entertain and provide transformational experiences for people to step into their full brilliant power.


I've spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world specializing in training and development. Lastly, at Starbucks Coffee Company. I've spent 19+ years as a certified coach. 

I am a student of the human psyche and my last two decades have been focused on my own deep inner work. I believe that I can't help anyone any further than I have grown myself, so I keep growing.

I hold a B.S., Organizational Behavior, an A.A., Retail Merchandising, Certification for Life & Business Coaching, and certificate completion of The Conscious Business Institute Culture & Leadership Program. 

Industries I've Served

  • Retail, Online Retail, Sales & Marketing
  • Branding & Marketing, Public Relations
  • Real Estate Development
  • Financial and Legal Advisory
  • Manufacturing
  • Home Building, Interior Design
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

People I've Served

  • BUSINESS - CEO's, Presidents, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Team Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and Derailing Executives
  • LIFE - Those in Transition, Spiritual Seekers, Mom's Re-entering the Workforce, Retirees Looking for their Second Life, Those Ready for New Chapters

Roles I've fulfilled 

  • Corporate Training and Development Director
  • Start-up CEO
  • Executive Coach
  • Life Coach
  • Spiritual Mentor & Energy Healer
  • Organizational Consultant
  • Team Developer
  • Performance Management Consultant
  • Trainer, Teacher, Facilitator
  • Motivational Speaker

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